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New York Fashion Week 2022

Updated: Jun 22

By Shara Lise

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We can all agree that one of the easiest ways to keep up with beauty trends is at the tip of our fingers. Unlike getting a major haircut or trying out a slew of buzzy skincare ingredients, changing up your nails is a fun and easy way to play with colours, textures, designs and shapes.

In my first blog EVER, I bring you the most talked about NYFW Nail trends 2022. Incase you missed it, this is the first Fashion Week since Covid hit the world, meaning the designers

of fashion were super excited to do what they do best.

Enjoy !

ail salon bristol, celebrity, chanel manicure, nail salon near me, best nail salon

Celebrity nail artist and manicurist Julie Kandalec created several different nail looks for the Rodarte show.

This Zebra-inspired print meant to act as an extension of the nature-derived outfits that made it down the runway.

WHO ? -

Julie Kandalec is known for her Masterclass Nail Academy which she launched in 2019. The education specialises in teaching nail skills to hotel and resort spas around the world, including Le Blanc Los Cabos.

In 2017, she launched Julie Off Duty, a lifestyle brand, and blog about her life in beauty and her travels around the world.


ail salon bristol, celebrity, chanel manicure, nail salon near me, best nail salon

My personal favourite, clean, sophisticated with a glimpse of edginess.

Jin Soon Choi created these sheer square-shaped nails for Peter Do's runway show. A change from the almond shape that has dominated Instagram for several seasons now, these nails were finished with a black wavy accent.

WHO? - Jin Soon Choi is known for her elegant simplicity and is one of the most influential nail artists in the industry. She was born in Korea, and moved to New York City in 1991 where she quickly built a reputation as a rising freelance nail artist.

Her early experiences manicuring at salons - where the pace was fast and there was little time spent with each client - inspired her to go out on her own and offer more personalized, one-on-one services. She earned the nickname "Bicycle Jin" as she biked to and from her clients' apartments.

Jin soon earned a loyal following as the go-to manicurist of top editors, photographers, designers and celebrities. Crowned the "Nail Guru" by The New York Times Magazine, Jin is best known for her ability to pinpoint current and emerging trends and translate them into the art of nail design.

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In 1999, she opened her first Jin Soon Hand and Foot Spa in the East Village specializing in nail treatments along with waxing and brow shaping. The success of the 300 square-foot spa led to two more locations: one in the West Village, where neighborhood regular Sarah Jessica Parker was the first client, and another on the Upper East Side, which features an intricate walnut wood wall running the entire length of the salon.

To follow on Insta click here -


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This has to be my least favourite, unfortunately they are just not practical, but this is NYFW, when is fashion practical??

This bedazzled nail art look was just one of two designs that celebrity nail artist Gina Edwards drummed up for the Rebecca Minkoff show. After applying press-on acrylics onto each nail, Edwards and her team applied individual crystals to up the glam factor.

WHO? - Gina Edwards, a native New Yorker, first discovered her passion for nails during her studies as a psychology major to help pay for college expenses.

It was there her eye for detail developed and her love for nail art grew. She secured credits with top magazine and commercial clients, which led Gina into other areas of the industry. Gina has since worked with or shall I say on, celebrities such as Taraji P Henson, Priyanka Chopra, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Tiffany Haddish, Gigi & Bella Hadid, Demi Lovato, Rita Ora and Mary J. Blige. Her work has been on the covers of US Vogue, Italian Vogue, Vogue Japan, Allure, Harper's Bazaar, and Elle Magazine. She has been the global brand ambassador for Kiss products for many years and has led numerous fashion shows from Calvin Klein, Rebecca Minkoff, Alice and Olivia & Burberry to name a few.


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The nail inspiration for The Blonds spring/summer '22 runway show was right on par with the fantastical looks that came down the runway. Using CND products, nail artist Gina Edwards created five out-of-this-world manicures, including the fun blue and pink chrome options seen here.

WHO? - Nail Artist Gina Edwards as mentioned above created these out of the world manicures to compliment the out of the world fashion.

The Blonds have never been ones to be limited by tradition. Fearless duo Philippe and David Blond couldn’t be further from orthodox, which is why it came as no surprise that the design pair chose to debut their Spring/Summer 2022 collection at the intimate Paradise Club at the Times Square EDITION instead of closing out NYFW at Spring Studios where most shows were held.

Looks included shimmering ensembles while a projection of the brand’s logo spun against a galaxy backdrop, and models emerged against a classic cabaret-style red velvet background, strutting not just in front of but through a late-night fashion crowd (many of which had already been supplied with a martini or two).

Not sure the Martini's would have helped with this futuristic, out of the world theme. My heads spinning just from the fashion.


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Bringing you back to the 70's by Alice and Olivia.

Alicia Torello was the Manicurist responsible for creating not one but three glamorous looks. Since each of the manicures called for different colour schemes, Torello chose an array of colours from OPI's Downtown LA and Nature Strong collections.

WHO?-With a background in photography, Alicia Torello's attention to detail and industry knowledge make her a sought after manicurist for high fashion brands and industry leading publications.

You can view more of her wonderful work and keep up to date with her latest words here -


Most of my clients know Im a sucker for long Acrylic, and these did not disappoint. Leaving them to the end of this blog, as a firm favourite.

Self-titled nail sculptor, Juan Alvear, served up these bedazzled extreme length nail enhancements in baby pink and lilac for the Christian Cowan show.

WHO? - Juan Alvear's nail art is a mix of the grotesque and the elegant. The common thread tying together his clients and work, is the commitment to the innovative, the un expected and sometimes, the weird.

When asked what does his fine art practice involve and how does it connect to the nail work he develops with his clients, he responded;

"I see the nails as extensions of my art practice, I’m drawn to specific shapes, colours and textures. Making a nail is oftentimes just like making a painting. In addition to making nails I’m currently working towards my first solo art show and have been painting almost every day. I see a huge relationship formally between my paintings and my nails and they definitely inspire/inform one another. I see colours and textures and put them together to create something. I see both my nail sculptures and my paintings as ornaments of sorts: one exists to decorate the hand and the other for a space."

Defiantly one to watch out for, or maybe just to avoid?

To find out more and follow Juan Alvear click here -


And that Ladies and Gentlemen is my round up of New Yorks Fashion Weeks Nails 2022. I hope you've enjoyed reading about the latest trends to hit the catwalk, as much as I've enjoyed writing about them.

To follow not only my Blogs, but to view my own work, Book, or purchase your own slice of Nail Heaven, head on over using the links below.

See you Next Time!

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