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Giving yourself a helping hand

Updated: Jun 22

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Taking care of your Mental health is more prominent today than ever before. Employers now have a legal obligation to ensure the health and safety of their employees at work and to provide a safe working environment.

There is plenty of self care we are all aware of, yet few of us seem to engage in it. So, when it comes to our own mental health, what can we proactively be doing to help ourselves?

Self care can involve anything from cooking to cleaning, taking time for a walk in the woods, reading a book in the garden, having our hair done, and our nails. Anything that distracts the mind, to break away from the recurrent lists and jobs that we are regularly reminded of.

nail salon bristol, nail salon near me, best nail salon

Take a minute to remind yourself of how calming it is when your having your hair done, how immersed in that moment you can be, relaxing your head back into the hands of a professional, having someone else wash your hair with luxury foaming products and a non achievable at home blow dry, that every hairdresser seems to achieve.

Those are times that your unable to pick up your phone, look at your social feeds, search the internet and in turn you switch off from the outside world, and are able to concentrate on the task at hand. Relaxing. Giving your mind that much needed rest bite.

The same can be said about a professional manicure. In fact, more can be said.

Phones can be left in bags, or on the side if your really attached. But how many of us are able to pick up a phone when both hands are literally at the hands of an experienced and professional nail tech.

Whats more, handing your precious 'free from phone time', should be done with respectable manicurists.

Why waste your precious self indulgent time with a salon that doesn't care what you do ?

(more on this in another blog)

nail salon bristol, nail salon near me, best nail salon

Even if this restful style of relaxation isn’t your idea of tranquility, painting your nails at home can also provide a way to unwind and take your mind off daily pressures.

With zoom calls becoming more popular, maybe now is the time to indulge your 'at home' manicure session with friends and family.

Unlike other popular activities of indulgence like shopping, there is much less emphasis on body shape and size and therefore there's less of a chance to engage in unhealthy comparisons. Even when going to the salon isn’t an option, hosting virtual manicure sessions with friends and family could be a fun way to unwind and catch up.

The benefits of having neat and tidy nails extend further than the brief relaxation and momentary mindfulness a manicure creates.

Although only a small part of our appearances, our nails can in fact portray a particular image to others.

Perfectly polished and well presented hands and nails have been associated with holding a position of power.

Much like the colours of clothes we wear, the shade of polish we choose to place upon our nails can reflect how we feel and influence our mood.

(new blog - how certain colours affect us and what they mean, released soon)

People often opt for shades that either match or help increase their current mood.

nail salon bristol, nail salon near me, best nail salon

In essence, there's far more than first meets the eye when it comes to manicures. Serving as an act of socialisation and self-care, the benefits of a manicure can be significant for us all.

If investing time and effort into your fingertips brings you joy, confidence and helps you to wind-down after a busy day, there should be no shame in spending a little 'you time' in a nail salon.

If your time is more precious than you like to admit, and you want to swap the noisy walk in nail salon, for a new one to one private, luxury and relaxing appointment, then this is for you.

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Shara Lise Nails, situated in South Bristol is an highly qualified, award winning, professional, private salon specialising in superior quality treatments for discerning clients.

Clientele include music artists, instagram influencers and current Miss Great Britain finalists.

An appointment only salon offering dedicated, un-hurried treatments, to ensure clients leave fulfilled.

This unique approach allows the client to have dedicated time to unwind, relax and in return improve their mental health.

If your looking for 5 star ratings, Luxury and designer branded products, your in the right place.

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Thier most popular treatment right now; The Chanel Manicure, paired with Natural Gel extensions, this 'at home' salon provides a no glue approach to added length.

Priced from £110, this treatment is a steal for a healthy, nourished approach to naturally looking, professional treated nails.

Combined with the talent and extensive experience Shara Lise has, we can clearly see why this is a sought after treatment.

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No comparison can be made with the luxury products and exclusivity they offer, combined with Chanel's new Hydrating and fortifying nail oil, L'HUILE CAMELIA which promises to strengthen nails, what's not to love.

nail salon bristol, celebrity, chanel manicure, nail salon near me, best nail salon

To Book this Luxury treatment or to discover more, follow the links below.

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