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Everything you need to know about nail extensions.

From Acrylic to Gel and everything in-between.


Ever left questioning what Nail extensions are best for you?

It can seem daunting to have so many choices, from Hard acrylics to soft Gels, full extensions, tips, sculpting and shellac.

So I'm here to shed some light on the different types available to you, and what will work best for your type of nails.

Let's start with the extensions itself, in the Nail industry their are 3 main types as explained below.



Full tips

Tips - those white/clear shaped tips that are stuck onto the ends of your natural nail to create quick length.

Sculpting - A Longer process, but a healthier and kinder method. This is only offered by true nail professionals (such as ourselves) as it needs lots of skill and patience. The outcome is flawless extensions, created with gel or acrylic, and if done correctly can look amazingly natural. We only offer extensions with Sculpting methods as we believe Tips can and glue can damage your natural nails.

Soft Full Tip

Full Tips - What all the celebrities wear; full gel tips. Hard wearing like Acrylic but soft to remove like Gel polish. Great for changing up your look and even better for nail art.

Kind to your skin and natural nails, easy to remove, loved by many!

Salons that use tips and glue compared to sculpting on forms is all down to personal preference. However if you have short bitten nails, using forms to sculpt acrylic or gel around your natural nail will leave a better look and will most certainly feel better.

Now the next main questions is product. Which product is best for my nails?

Let me explain what your options are;

If you've chosen glue on tips - You can now decide from Acrylic or Builder Gel, using either acrylic colour or then gel colour over any product. Acrylic colour will always be stronger, non chip and water resistant.

When choosing sculpting, the choices are the same. The forms are fit around your natural nails, and you can choose acrylic\builder gel to create length and then colour from acrylic or gel polish.

If choosing Gel full on tips, these are applied with a bonder base, and then gel polish of your colour choice is usually applied, and of course any nail art. This a quick process so why its highly likely adored by many celebrities.

Nail extensions Celebrities 2023


Still unsure of what do go for ?

Don't want extensions that will damage your natural nails?

Here's the secret......

When choosing your next set of Nail extensions, stop opting for the cheapest, quickest most convenient high street nail salon.....

There are so many other and better options available to us now!

Nail techs have so many better and healthier options for products, so your nail extensions needn't hurt.

When choosing where to go for your next set, regardless of acrylic or gel;

1 - Make sure they don't just take cash. Credit cards leave a trail and if you need to complain you have more options with card than if you pay with cash.

2 - Use a someone\salon with a booking system! - Your time is just as valuable as theirs, make sure you're booked in, and have paid a deposit, so you won't have to queue or be disappointed.

3 - ASK - Don't be afraid to ask what products they use. What brands are they using for acrylic/Gel, are they made in the uk? Do they have the Safety sheets with them? If not, red flags are waving.....

Safety Data Sheets

4 - The ONLY way your nail extensions won't hurt or damage your natural nails, is if they are applied properly and REMOVED properly. If you're removing your extensions yourself, I can guarantee you're damaging your natural nails. Make sure your nail tech is pushing back the cuticles, prepping your cuticles and natural nails, has a clean and tidy workstation and is using cuticle oil.

So..... What's best for you ?

If your nails are bitten and you want longer natural looking nails, choose acrylic or gel sculpting extensions. We always start with acrylic, as its harder wearing and not likely to be picked or bitten off. Nail Biting programs are great for nail biters, or just those with short nails. Gel is ok as long as your not heavy handed and don't have your nails in water frequently.

We aim to always progress to gel extensions once your natural nails have grown, this usually takes a couple of months.

If you want a quicker nail appointment, with still the high Level of professionalism, maybe some nail art etc then the Full gel tips are for you. However please bear in mind, these are not for those that are heavier handed or type all day, in and out of water etc. These will look great and last for 2 to 3 weeks, IF looked after properly. I have personally had great results with Full Gel tips so choose wisely !

And finally if Gel is your thing, If you already know you want a softer approach and a less heavier product on your nails then choose the Gel Extensions. These will last 2-3 weeks and you have endless colours to choose from based on your salon. Again salons opting to Sculpt with Biab/Gel Builder are best, but you can choose glue on tips too.

Now .... Go out there and get yourself some awesome nail extensions!!

If you need any further help or guidance please message me on 07445829467.


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